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Monday, 14 January 2013

A Disease from my Parents by Andrew Ntchindi Jere

The inheritance mortally living in me
Fading my beauty while I am still a child
Sworn in as a Queen of packs of anti-retroviral drugs
Man made cells at war front against the virus
Dynamically changing my body size
From losing weight to gaining fake obesity

Driving smiles miles away
Never to be such grasped again
Tears rain forever in my soul
Continually flooding suicide thoughts on my mind
Just living for my parents’ sake
Crawling to the western veranda; morning
Clinging on helping backs to the tree feet; at noon
Cuddled in helping arms to the eastern veranda; afternoon
Carried into the house; evening
A baby man and woman
Chasing air conditioned shadows in day light

Surviving as the scale balancing my parents life
To school me for the little life I have
Where I get laughs at my coughs
Stress always on my sail
I fail to completely solve the problem
This journey so sorrowful sounding

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