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Saturday, 13 April 2013

Selected Works for Anthology

Below are the titles with corresponding authors of works selected for the yet-to-be-titled Youthful Malawian Writers anthology. However, this is not the final list. Some works maybe added to or removed from the list as the editors of the anthology feel it necessary at any stage of the editing process.

Authors of the works listed will be contacted in due time to be involved in the editing of their respective works. As you will note, some works are listed as ‘by [not yet known]’. This is so because others when submitting did not list the author, and this became a problem especially when we received several works contained in one mail from clubs and institutions. Please if your work is listed as thus, do send a copy of the work, now with the necessary details to rogermunthali(at)gmail(dot)com with CC to youthmalwriters(at)gmail(dot)com) and kingsleykapito(at)gmail(dot)com). Do this before 30th April 2013, after which Y.M.W will have no option but to remove your work from the list for consideration. Do also contact through the given email addresses if your work or your name is NOT spelt correctly.
If at all during the editing process some works are removed from the list, the works will be published/posted on this blog, of course we will have contacted the authors for permission.
Selected Poems
1.      Make a wish by Kennedy Kambombe
2.      Strange rituals by [not yet known]
3.      That Voice by Steve Kumalonje
4.      My Phases by Tiyamike Chigoneka
5.      Rooster's Blasphemy by Kennedy Kambombe
6.      Who are you? by [not yet known]
7.      Civil War by Chilungamo Phiri
8.      A Dead Orphan's Song by Hagai Magai
9.      Africa by Boniface Wizilamu
10.  Different forms of Slaughter by Asante Lucy Mtenje
11.  Entering down Earth by Ian Lekani Ngwira
12.  I do not know by Solomon Mwale
13.  I want to be a poet by Lonjezo Sithole
14.  If I shall ever Forget by Lonjezo Sithole
15.  Ignite by Angella Kapanga
16.  Love found and lost by Mada Nazombe
17.  Ndirande Mountain by Ruth Nyimba
18.  On this day by Boniface Wizilamu
19.  So help me god by Christopher Kayiwale Chirambo
20.  Strong Winds Keep Blowing by Christopher Kayiwale Chirambo
21.  Rotten Rat by [not yet known]
22.  I Wish by Lyson Goodwin Sibande
23.  Tell us Old Gogo by Lyson Goodwin Sibande
24.  Prize beyond the grave
25.  My Eyes have Seen by Rodger Millar Munthali
26.  Mirror Mirror by Tabitha Ngwira
27.  The Young Ones by John Lundu Phiri
28.  When I became a teenager byVitumbiko Kumwenda
29.  Who am I by Paul Gondwe
30.  The words I say by Vitumbiko Kumwenda
31.  You know not by Paul Gondwe
32.  As Long As We Live by Lyson Goodwin Sibande
33.  Dear Second by Wezi Kondowe
34.  Soulmate by Andrew Simwimba
35.  A Long Way Gone by [not yet known]
36.  Toast to the Future by [not yet known]
Selected Short Stories
1.      Double Mishap by Steve Kumalonje
2.      The Price of Hope by Trust Kalima Banda
3.      Another Time Another Universe by Aubrey Chinguwo
4.      Forgive me, Mama by Aubrey Chinguwo
5.      Manacles of  Prophesy by Hagai Magai
6.      Mistaken Identity by Rose Cross
7.      More than anything by Rose Cross
8.      On the Lam by Triphoniah Nkukumila
9.      River of Tears by Ron R. Muphuwa
10.  Because of Love by Rose Cross
11.  The Generator by Evans Lwara
12.  The Hunted Father by Aubrey Chinguwo
13.  The Failed Revenge by Robert Chirambo
14.  The Search for a Happy Ending by Aaron Simwayi
15.  Illusional Love by John Paul Kayuni
16.  Betrayal by Ruth Nyimba
17.  Nyauheni by Nyankhamoza Nyirenda
18. Confronting the Mist by Rodger Millar Munthali

Selected Plays
  1.  Issues of Trust by Amos Alinafe Nsabwe
  2.  Loveless by Mimie Nankhuni
  3. Midnight snacks by by Mimie Nankhuni

We will be updating on the anthology now through this page, please check us back soon. Four individuals are working on this anthology, Y.M.W trusts they will deliver and hope they have your support.

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