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Write With Us

We accept submissions from young Malawians,
  1. Born at least after 1980 and before 1997 (as of 2012)
  2. Either resident in Malawi or outside, so far as are citizens of Malawi
  3. Willing to have their works published on our blog only with the aim of exposing there talent ( for we believe opportunities come upon a writer after the writer has been identified). Go to About Us.
The works submitted;
  1. should not have been published in any media before (print or online)
  2. should not contain any defamatory
  3. should be your original work
  4. submit your work only to us!
If you and your works satisfy the above statements, please do email your work, to youthmalwriters@gmail.com and we will be more than happy to publish your work.

We accept several submissions at once, but know that they will not be published consecutively.

If you happen to be a published author, whether a poet, prose writer or playwright, and willing to assist us with editorial services or advice, on voluntary basis, please do also contact us. This is not restricted to published authors, you may also contact us if you believe you have what it takes to be an editor, or you are an editor already.